Skip Bin Safety Tips


Are you planning to do a skip bin hire Sydney? If so, you must know that there are some important tips to follow in order to prevent potential injuries and assure the safety of the general public. In other words, as long as you follow the below-mentioned safety tips with your cheap skip bins Sydney, you assure everyone’s safety.

01. Make sure that the skip is loaded evenly

You are not supposed to load skip bins Sydney unevenly. If the skip bin is loaded without maintaining balance, it may tip off the truck after being picked up. It is needless to mention how dangerous an imbalanced skip bin could be for the driver. Also, it can be dangerous to you as well because it can fall over when you are still loading the skip bin. You don’t have to balance the load perfectly but the key is to avoid putting heavy stuff on one side and the light stuff on the other side. When there is no balance, the bin can easily fall off. The best approach, in that case, is to place the heaviest materials at the bottom of the bin. As a result, the bin will have a lower center of gravity so there will not be any tipping.

02. Avoid crushing the rubbish

Do you want to load more rubbish on the skip bin? In that case, you should never crush the rubbish under any circumstance using your feet. You will never know when sharp objects in the bin will pop out and cause severe damage to your feet. You cannot underestimate the possibility to have glass, sharp pieces of plastic, spikes, metal, etc in your bin.

03. Don’t fill beyond the top of the skip bin

Although everyone wants to load the skip bin with as much waste as possible, you should never load the skip bin beyond the rim. Moreover, in some places, it is illegal to carry overfilled skip bins considering the dangers they can cause. You should never overfill the skip bin above the rim under any circumstance (even if the distance is very short and no authorities around) because even a small mistake can lead to injuries.

04. Never put hazardous stuff in the skip bin

You should only fill the skip bin with appropriate materials. You are not supposed to put any hazardous items in the bin under any circumstance. For instance, you shouldn’t put asbestos, oil, explosives, biomedical stuff, gas bottles, etc in the bin. Putting such items in the skip bin will put yourself in danger along with the public. Also, it can be harmful to the environment. On top of that, you are vulnerable to legal charges if you put hazardous material into the skip bin.

You can also make sure that you are on-site at the time of delivery of the skip. It is not necessary however can avoid potential issues that can arise in future. Also, you can offer instructions to the skip bin hire Sydney driver so the skip bin will be placed where you desire. Moreover, make sure that the delivery location does not have any obstructions.