Hazardous Waste not allowed in Skip Bins

Hazardous Waste not allowed in Skip Bins

When it comes to household and business waste, you can place most waste straight into the skip bin. However, there are certain types of wastes that are not allowed in skip bins due to obvious reasons such as being hazardousness and dangerousness. Such types of waste should be handled and disposed of separately. The cost of a skip bin could increase dramatically if incorrect items are placed within the skip bin. With that said, mentioned below are the hazardous waste not allowed in skip bins.

Substances such as pesticides, paints, fuel, and solvents

Obviously, the above substances are chemical-based and they are both poisonous and combustible. Therefore, no skip bin hire provider will allow you to put these substances into their skip bins. Nevertheless, you can still put dried paint cans into skip bins.


Many individuals consider asbestos as a very innocent, harmless material. However, the truth is so different; it is among the most dangerous and poisonous wastes. In fact, many countries have already banned the manufacturing of asbestos, utilization, and importation of asbestos as it leads to various serious health issues including lung cancer.


Just like the above, plasterboards too can cause various health and environmental issues especially due to the gypsum content.

Food leftovers

Although food leftovers are not poisonous, you are not allowed to put them in skip bins.


Tyres are accepted however at an extra charge. This is because tyres cannot be simply thrown into landfills.

Biological waste

You cannot put biowaste in skip bins because it is toxic and may spread various types of germs in landfills.

Medical waste

Items such as needles, bandages, syringes, surgical gloves, etc. are not allowed in skip bins. In fact, medical waste can lead to various diseases and may spread infections as well.

Used or new Batteries

Batteries comprise toxic and dangerous chemicals including acids and lead. So, they are not allowed in skip bins.

Gas containers such as bottles and cylinders

Both gas bottles and cylinders have residual content which can obviously pose risk to those who operate skip bins. So, you can contact the company that sold those bottles or cylinders and they will dispose of them or reuse them properly.


Mattresses can be accepted at an extra charge due to landfills not accepting them. Instead of dumping them, you can donate old mattresses if they are still in usable condition. If not, contact council and they will take care of it.

In addition to that, you cannot put e-waste into skip bins. That is because the substance can be hazardous to public health as well as the environment. So please keep these points in mind when disposing of your waste with your skip bin hire company. Take a look at our skip bin guide to further help you on hiring a skip bin.