Five of the Easiest Household Items to Recycle


Although you might not realise it, Australia is one of the most wasteful countries on the planet. Although we’re not quite at the levels of Canada and the United States, we still need to collectively do more to ensure we’re responsibly disposing our waste to protect the planet’s future. So while you might be looking for skip bin hire in Sydney to dispose of bulky household items, you should also be mindful of the household waste you can recycle. With that in mind, here are five of the easiest household items to recycle.


The good news is that most metals are recyclable, but aluminium is a star performer. This is because aluminium preserves 100% of its recyclable properties indefinitely, so it can be reused again and again when disposed of responsibly. When you recycle aluminium, it uses 95% less energy than it does to create a new aluminium product from scratch. Whether you have leftover fruit or coffee tins, make sure you recycle them instead of sending them to a landfill.


Another star performer as far as recycling is concerned is glass. The vast majority of glass containers in your home are 100% recyclable, meaning you have no excuse to send glass to a landfill! The process of recycling glass is also relatively environmentally friendly, and again, around 95% of the original contents of glass are used to make new products.


Did you know that the average Aussie family uses 20kgs of PET plastic every year? The travesty is that approximately 80% of plastics created every year end up in landfills, be it soda bottles or other PET products. You can recycle most plastic containers and bottles that you use in your home; just be sure to rinse them out beforehand.


When you leave paper to decompose naturally, it actually produces methane, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas that contributes to the planet’s warming. But instead of tossing paper in your general trash, you can really easily recycle paper. In fact, recycling newspapers can result in a 65% energy saving on creating brand new paper items. So, whether you’re looking to dispose of junk mail, glossy magazines, or waste paper trash from your office, make sure you recycle it.


Given the number of packages that are delivered to your home in cardboard today, the good news is that you can easily recycle them. Whether it’s pizza boxes, Amazon packaging, or cereal boxes, you can recycle cardboard in the same way that you recycle paper. Just make sure you flatten down the boxes to save space in the recycling bin, as those bulky items can fill recycling bins pretty quickly.

One of the most efficient ways of utilising all of the space in your skip is realising which items can be recycled and which need to be sent to a landfill. So, before looking for skip bin hire in Sydney, make sure you’re aware of the household items that are suitable for recycling. For affordable skip bin hire in Sydney, give us a call today on 1300 701 701.