Can I Prevent My Neighbours from Using My Skip?


The main reason people look for skip bin hire in Sydney is to dispose of their household waste. After all, if you pay good money for a skip, you can reasonably expect to fill it to the rim with your own garbage, clearing your home in the process. The last thing you want to happen is for your neighbours to wander onto your driveway when you’re not looking, only to dispose of their own junk. But how do you prevent this from happening? Let’s take a look.

Set your boundaries

We need to start with a caveat – most of our customers don’t have an issue with their neighbours filling their skips. However, the appearance of a skip on a residential street is seen as an opportunity by some people. In fact, many people don’t regard using someone else’s skip as an issue. They reason that it’s waste and it’s all going to the same place, so why not chuck a couple of bags in and think nothing else of it? But in reality, you’re the one who has paid for the skip, not your neighbours.

A great way to set your boundaries is to politely inform your neighbours that your skip is arriving ahead of time. Tell them why you’ve ordered the skip and what you’re disposing of, highlighting why you need all of the available space. You can then offer them the opportunity to add any bits and pieces that they might have after you have finished with the skip. Most neighbours will appreciate this and thank you for the offer. But what happens if your neighbours are uncooperative?

Order a skip when you’re ready for it

If you order a skip bin hire in Sydney before you’re actually ready to dispose of your garbage, it will be sitting empty on your driveway. This is practically an invitation to your neighbours to offload some of their own waste. So, get your timing right and make sure you start filling your skip pretty much straight away. You should also start with the bulkiest items, so little bits of your neighbour’s trash here and there won’t make a great deal of difference in the grand scheme of things.

Think about where you keep the skip

When your skip is being delivered, make sure you think carefully about where to store it for the duration of its stay on your property. If possible, place it as close as you can to the front of your house, away from the end of your driveway. If the skip is up against your garage, for instance, people are much less likely to walk up to your property to discard their waste. However, if your skip is practically bordering the sidewalk, it’s easier for your cheeky neighbours to place some trash in your skip as they walk past.

Protect the skip at night

The best opportunity for your neighbours to add to your skip is after dark. The most effective way of preventing people from sneaking onto your driveway at night and adding to your skip is to enable security lights with motion sensors. However, if you want a cheaper and easier solution, simply cover your skip with tarpaulin, which is likely to detract people from dumping their garbage overnight.

Although most people don’t encounter any issues with their neighbours adding to their skips, it’s still a problem you need to be aware of. So, if you’re looking for skip bin hire in Sydney, you now have all the tips you need to make sure you can fill it with your own household waste without worrying about your neighbours taking advantage. Call us today on 1300 701 701 for affordable skip bin hire in Sydney.